Street Stock Rules

Street Stock Rules:

updated March 10, 2017

**RACEceivers Mandatory**

Body & Frames:

This class is open to any American made passenger car excluding compact, jeeps, trucks, wagons, convertibles, El Caminos, Rancheros, and sports cars (corvettes, etc.). No front wheel drive cars. Wheel base should be stock for the make and model car used plus or minus 1 inch.

Faulty welding will be rejected. After market bodies may be used. Old race frames may be used, but must be at least 2” by 3” rectangular tubing. All doors must be welded or bolted shut. No open tail panels. Sheet metal must extend at least to the bumper. Cars are permitted cockpits.

All Chrome, glass and lights must be removed. Dashes may be removed. Parts of rear frame may be replaced with tubing. No Mirrors! All interior upholstery must be removed including back seats.

Lower Control : tubular lower A arms that mount in stock locations.

Numbering & Painting:

All cars must be neat in appearance; numbers must be at least 18” on both doors and roof and a 4”x4” plate on the right front corner of the windshield with the cars number on it.

Hood and Trunk:

All hoods and trunks must have pins installed for easy access. Hoods may have 14” hole cut for air cleaners and engine cubic inch written on both sides of the hood.


All bumpers must be welded or bolted to the frame securely, no sharp edges allowed and bumpers can not be wider then the cars body. Chains must be attached to front and back bumpers and easily accessible for towing purposes.


All glass removed, ½” mesh screen in good shape with at least 1 solid bar from roll cage down to dash area (on entire windshield).

Roll Cage:

Must be a 4 post roll cage minimum wall thickness of .083 and l ½” diameter. Driver area must be padded and have a headrest. Roll cage must extend above drivers head and match roof line of car. Cages should be mounted to the frame. Must have a firewall between driver and fuel cell.


All cars must have an approved working five point (crotch, seat belt and shoulder harness) racing type seat belts and window net. Seat belts must be bolted to the roll cage. Drivers must have fire retarding clothing (fire suit, gloves helmets, etc.). Helmets must be ASA or Snelling approved. Fire extinguisher must be fully charged and mounted in an area accessible from the inside from inside and outside.

Fuel cell:

Must have 3 safety straps and be securely fastened to the frame in the trunk of the car with a steel firewall between it and the driver, all fuel cells must be top feed and all fuel lines that run within the interior of the car must be encased in metal tubing. Fuel cells should have 1/8” plate covering the bottom. Gasoline Only!

Engines & Radiators:

No aluminum heads, no dry sumps, no turbos, no magnetos, TWO barrel carburetors only.

Gasoline Only! No alcohol, no fuel additives, no electric fuel pumps, stock position pumps only.

Radiators must be good condition. Aluminum radiators are permitted.

602 Crate motor is allowed and must have part number for each item as sold; any item is subject to Inspection. All part numbers and casting numbers must be visible for Inspection. GM engine seal bolts must be in place or be sealed by a Crate Racin’ USA, RUSH or FASTRAK certified builder. 602 Can run 650cfm 4 bbl carb.


No battery in driver’s compartment, battery should be in an enclosed metal container.


Cast iron stock 2bl intake. No porting. No marine or military allowed.
Aluminum option – Wieland Chevy #7546, #7547, #7547-1. Ford #7515, #7516. Chrysler #7545, #2920. Edelbrock Chevy #5001 #2101 #2116 Ford#5021 #5081#2760 Chrysler #5076. GM 602 Crate motor intake is legal. Exhaust extends to outside of car and not straight down to ground. These intakes can use a 2″ carb space plate.   All High Rise intakes must use 1″ carb spacer plate and weigh 100# more (3000#).


Leaf springs allowed, No pull bars, No three links. No traction devices. No Panhard Bars allowed.

Floater rear ends allowed. No Gun drilled Axles allowed. No lightweight gears. ONLY Steel spools.  Rear End Mounts MUST Be Within 2 Inches Of Factory..


Steel body shocks allowed one shock per wheel no adjustable shocks mounting optional jacking bolts allowed. Any steel body shocks, Non adjustable, No Schrader Valves.

Rear ends:

No quick change. Floater rear ends allowed. No Gun drilled Axles allowed. No lightweight gears.

ONLY Steel spools. Rear End Mounts MUST Be Within 2 Inches Of Factory..


Absolutely no two way radios. RACECEIVERS MANDATORY. Channel 454.000


All weights and drive shafts must be painted white with cars numbers on it and mounted
securely. No weights mounted in drivers compartments.

Tires and Wheels: 

Maximum 10” Steel Wheels
American Racer DTW or Hoosier m100. 8 inch tire.Medium or harder only- no softs. No snows. No aggressive thread. No duals.
Grooving and Siping permitted


Any racing transmission & clutches allowed.

Car Weight:

2900# Except 602 Crate Motors – 2800#


Maximum Spoiler allowed is 6 inches in height.


Body width may not exceed 78” at the top of doors or quarter panels and not exceed 86” at the bottom of doors & quarters. The maximum roof size is 60”x 60” with a maximum rake of 2”.

Rear Spoiler 78” wide x 6 inches of measure material with no more than 3 supports and must be attached solid to the deck. The spoiler cannot be wider than the deck at the rear. All dimensions will be measured from the deck; tolerance for the hinge only. Rear sail panels must be the same left and right.  The sail panel must drop towards the deck at the back edge of the roof panel. Sail panel maximum length at the bottom is 45”. The sail panels cannot connect to the rear spoiler. All glass & plastic must be removed. Noses must not exceed 85” in width any where including fender extensions. No extra fins, flares, flanges, ridges, beads, spoilers, turn-ins or turn-outs or anything else that can be construed as an aero advantage will be allowed.

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