Oakes dominates opening night of Fall Classic at McKean County Raceway! Waters, Watson, Carlson, Earle, Gustafson, Heineman, and Edminster also score wins!

East Smethport, PA (September 28, 2017):
McKean County Raceway got its annual Fall Classic of action-packed season-ending racing underway with a full evening of racing. At the end of the night Greg Oakes towered over the field after leading the Super Late Model feature flag to flag without any caution periods interrupting the action. John Waters charged into the lead on a restart at the halfway point in the Little Power Shop RUSH Crate Late Model finale while Joel Watson grabbed the lead at eight laps in the 25-lap UEMS E-Mod feature. Vic Earle Jr took over at the front of the Advocare by Advozuvy.com. Street Stocks feature just past halfway, then taking a trip to Victory Lane at the checkers. The Raught’s Country Kitchen Pure Stocks had Zack Gustafson take the lead at the end of one lap then staying in front to the finish. Chad Carlson led the distance to pick up the honors in the Close Racing Supply RUSH Pro-Mods. Holden Heineman took over the lead with three laps left, then went on to the Mary Norgrove Notary Mini Stocks win. The Mandy’s Young Guns finished with Dylan Edminster at the front of their feature.

Rich Wotjowicz and Ted Mascho brought the 21-Car Jim Cobado Memorial Street Stock feature to green but at the end of lap one a multi-car wreck happened coming out of turn four involving Jamie Colewell, Eddie Coast, Jeremy Perry, and John Boardman. Wotjowicz brought the race back to green. At the end of two Jeremy Wonderling was side by side with the leader and was in front at four laps. A debris caution slowed the event at lap six during which the leader, Wonderling, pulled pitside, leaving Wotjowicz again with the lead. Vic Earle Jr came to second at seven complete with Mascho back to third, John Zimmerman fourth, and Butch Talbot fifth. One lap past halfway Earle was the leader and pulling away. The order remained the same over the waning laps with Earle picking up the win by four lengths over Wotjowicz , Mascho, Zimmerman, and Talbot.
The Little Power Shop RUSH Crate Late Models started the Ron Baker Memorial with Jeremy Wonderling and Kyle Murray on the front row of the 23-car field. Jason Harmon spun in turn three, bringing caution at the completion of lap one with Wonderling, Brad Mesler, Kyle Murray, John Waters, and Paul Grigsby the top five. Wonderling opened a four length lead at the end of two and caught the back markers at the end of four laps! Harmon spun off the end of the front straight with five complete, his second caution. Mike Pegher came to fifth at six laps complete after staring fourteenth and was fifth at nine laps. At halfway yellow again was shown when Scott LaBarron spun in turn two. Pandemonium struck on the restart as several cars got together on the front straight with Brian Knowles bouncing off the wall and retiring to the pit under the yellow and Matthew Sipes coming to a halt on the back straight. Wonderling, Waters, Brad Mesler, Grigsby, and Pegher brought the race back to green. Waters grabbed the lead on the first lap of racing and sped to a half straight lead at thirteen laps. Mesler came to second with Grigsby third, Pegher fourth, and Wyatt Scott fifth at twenty laps into the 25-lapper. With two laps left Kyle Murray went way wide in turn one then slowed to a crawl coming out of turn two, again slowing the race and eliminating Waters’ lead, setting up a two lap shoot-out among Waters, Mesler, Pegher, Grigsby, and Scott. With the white flag in the air Scott LaBarron came to a halt on the front straight, triggering yet another yellow flag. Waters went on to the win in the one lap dash over Mesler, Pegher, Grigsby, and Scott. With his second place finish Mesler was the track champion.
The seven Mandy’s Young Guns feature started with Dylan Edminster and Josh Isaman on the front row. Edminster jumped out to the lead over Isaman with Josh Canfield third. At halfway the front five were Edminster, Isaman, Canfield, Dusty Skinner, and Brooke McClain. Edminster went on to the win over Isaman, Canfield, Dusty Skinner, and Brooke McClain.
The E-Mod feature started with Carl McKinney and Vic Vena up front. At the end of one lap it was McKinney leading Joel Watson and Mike McGee with Vena back to fourth and Brent Rhebergen fifth. At Lap eight Watson came around McKinney and a lapped car to take over at the front. The order was still the same at halfway with heavy traffic coming into play. On the back straight on lap fifteen Tim Peterson got sideways and rolled hard, stopping the race under the red flag. He was ok but the car suffered extensive damage. With eleven laps left Watson, McKinney, McGee, Vena, and Rhebergen brought the race back to green. Darren Tarabori spun in turn one with eight to go. At twenty complete McGee was next to McKinney for second but McKinney pulled back ahead a lap later. The top five at the checkers was Watson, McKinney, McGee, Vena, and Rhebergen.
Zack Gustafson and Roger Schweikart brought the eighteen car Raught’s Country Kitchen Pure Stock feature to green with the front row running side by side for most of the lap but Gustafson pulling ahead in turn four. Terry Gaylor spun in turn three with three laps complete for the first caution. For the next green it was Gustafson, Roger Schweikart, Mark Schweikart, Jake Mascho, and Mike Parmenter.  Yellow flew at four complete when several cars got out of shape but all continued without stopping.  Mascho got by Mark Schweikart for third at six laps into the race. Roger Schweikart was challenging Gustafson at halfway, even with the leader coming to the stripe at eleven but then Gustafson then started pulling away. With three to go Gustafson had a near half straight lead when James Thompson and Mark Schweikart got together in turn two. Dennis Harrison and Andrew Frey spun on the restart. Frey slowed on the restart, negating it. Mascho immediately come to second when green was displayed again and challenged briefly for the lead but Gustafson went on to the win with Mascho second, Roger Schweikart Jr third, Ken Shelly fourth, and Larry Mitchell fifth.
Greg Oakes and Bob Dorman brought the Super Late Model 19-car, 25-lap feature to green with Oakes shooting out to a big lead at the end of one lap while Dorman and Brady Wonderling fought over second. At three laps Brady Wonderling was second. At six laps Oakes was beginning to lap the the tail of the field and held a near-quarter lap lead at eight complete over Wonderling. At halfway it was Oakes, Wonderling, Dorman, Brent Rhebergen, and Mike Pegher. At eighteen Rhebergen and Pegher both got by Dorman. Wonderling was cutting into Oakes lead but slipped off the back straight at lap 21, falling back. Oakes won the all-green event by half a straight over Wonderling with Rhebergen third, Mike Pegher fourth, and Bob Dorman fifth.
The Pro-Mod 15-lap feature had Chad Carlson on the pole with Steve Dixon to his right.  Dixon spun sideways in turn one, with Matt Harvey sliding hard into Dixon. Carlson and Vic Vena brought the race back to green with Ryan Scott coming to second over Vena at the restart. Dana Stevens spun in turn three again slowing the event at one lap complete. Carlson again led after green with Vena getting back to second over Scott, Brian Mohawk fourth, and Dixon back up fo fifth after four laps. Dixon again got sideways in turn one at seven complete but gathered it up, losing two positions. At eleven laps complete Dixon again spun, then headed pitside under yellow. Vena got next to Carlson on this green but Carlson re-established his lead at 12 laps. Mohawk and Scott got together in turn two but both continued with Mohawk emerging third. The checkers flew on Carlson over Vena, Mohawk, and Nate Hartzell.
Eric Canfield and Travis Babcock brought the 26-Car Mini Stock field to green for their 15-lap feature. Canfield led with Dave Lowe Jr second but Olivia Coniber spun on the back straight, slowing the race under yellow. Skip Jackson was deemed to have ‘jumped’ the start and was penalized two spots for the restart. Canfield led after one with Lowe second and Kurt Babcock third when David Waite got into the outside wall. Lowe Jr pitted under the caution with a flat left front tire. Lowe was able to get his tire changed and rejoined the field before green again flew, not losing a lap.  Two cars come to a stop in turn two, slowing the race again at three laps. Holden Heineman was third at four laps then at five laps debris in turn two again slowed the race. Babcock experienced a problem at six laps and exited off turn one. Canfield led with Heineman challenging on the outside and gaining the lead at twelve complete. Dante Mancuso wound up second with Lowe making his way back to third by the checkers. Canfield and Billy Myers filled out the top five.
Super Late Models:
Heat 1: Charlie Powell, Dave Hess, Mike Lupfer, Wyatt Scott, John Myers, Al Brewer
Heat 2: Mike Pegher, Dan Stone, DuBois, John Oakes, Dan Boyd, Bill Davis
Feature: Greg Oakes, Brady Wonderling, Brent Rhebergen, Mike Pegher, Bob Dorman, Dan Stone, Nate Hill, Wyatt Scott, Charlie Powell, John Weaver, Peters, Dave Dubois, Dan Boyd, John Myers, Al Brewer, Bobby Rohrer, Jason Dobson, Dave Hess, John Oakes, Bill Davis (DNS)
Little Power Shop RUSH Crate Late Models
Heat 1: Mike Pegher, Logan Roberson, Andy Michael, Brian Knowles, Brian Swank, R J Pistner, John Haggerty, Dennis Cummins, Jason Harmon, Josh Ayers
Feature: John Waters, Brad Mesler, Mike Pegher, Paul Grigsby, Wyatt Scott, Garrett Mott, Logan Roberson, Brian Swank, Andy Michael, Matthew Sipes, John Haggerty, Dennis Cummings, Scott LaBarron, Kyle Murray, Erin Peters, Josh Ayers, Jeremy Wonderling, Randy Ralyea, R J Pistner, Brian Knowles, Dennis Lunger, Jason Harman, Mike Wonderling Jr
UEMS E-Mods:
Heat: Dennis Lunger, Tim Peterson, Steve Rex, Gary Eicher, Kirk Bradley, John Schenker, Brody Hill, Mark Thrasher, Tim Rockwell
Close Racing Supply RUSH Pro-Mods:
Heat1: Vic Vena, Steve Dixon, Chad Carlson, Brian Mohawk, Nate Hartzell, Billy Deming III, Dennis Lunger Jr
Heat 2: Matt Harvey, Ryan Scott, Clayton Tarabori, Dana Stevens, Mike Tarabori
Feature: Chad Carlson, Vic Vena, Brian Mohawk, Nate Hartzell, Ryan Scott, Clayton Tarabori, Billy Deming III, Dana Stevens, Steve Dixon, Matt Harvey, Mike Tarabori, Dennis Lunger (DNS)
Advocare by Advozuvy.com. Street Stocks
Heat 1: Jamie Caldwell, Paul Nelson, Bill Best, Vic Redeye, Jeremy Perry, David Warrior, Gary Fisher (DNS)
Heat 2: John Zimmerman, John Boardman,  Jason Black, Andy Eastman, Glen Layfield, Dana Maybe Richard Hardin,
Feature: Victor Earle Jr, Rich Wotjowicz, Ted Mascho, John Zimmerman, Butch Talbot, Gary Fisher, Scott Freer, 14, Paul Nelson, Jason Black, Glen Layfield, Jeremy Wonderling, Andy Eastman, Brad Curran Jr, Dan Maybe, Ed Coast, Jamie Colewell, John Boardman, Jeremy Perry, Bill Best, Vic Redeye, David Warrior
Raught’s Country Kitchen Pure Stocks:
Heat 1: Dennis Harrison, Ryan Snyder, Andy Frye, Fred Ely, Terry Gaylor, Justin Goss
Heat 2: James Thompson, Ken Shelly, Larry Mitchell Jr, Dylan Greene, Tim Burkett, Joe Boylan
Heat 3: ???
Feature: Zack Gustafson, Jake Mascho, Roger Schweikart Jr, Ken Shelly,  Larry Mitchell, Tyrone Hendley, Mike Parameter, 20D, 00, Ryan Snyder, Mark Schweikart, Kylee Brown Andy Frey, Dennis Harrison, 00J, William Bigley, Tim Burkett, Terry Gaylor, x, Joe Boylan
Mary Norgrove Notary Public Mini Stocks:
Heat 1: Davey Lowe Jr, Holden Heineman, David Lowe Sr, Michael Ferman Sr, Anthony Schoonover, Dante Mancuso, Aaron Bartas, Jamie McMillen (DNS), Mitch Boylan (DNS)
Heat 2: Kurt Babcock, Eric Canfield, Travis Babcock, Larry Mitchell Jr, Matt Burrell, Charles Morris (DNS), Jason Fries (DNS), Richard Kline (DNS)
Heat 3: Chris Horton, Scott Tubbs, Mitchell Rex, Bob Leonard, David Waite, Justin Sirline, Jason fries, Justin Fuller, Richard Kline
Heat 4: Skip Jackson, Donnie Clemmon, Tom Childs, 004, Billy Myers, Austin Woodring, Matt Mead, Josh Torrance
Feature: Holden Heineman, Dante Mancuso, Dave Lowe Jr, Eric Canfield, Billy Myers, Chris Horton, Donnie Clemmon, Richard Kline, Tom Childs, Bob Leonard, Austin Woodring, Dave Lowe, 3sr, Anthony Schoonover 3x, Kurt Babcock, 15x, Josh Torrence, 89, 1B, Travis Babcock, Jason Fries, 3D, 27R, 004, Larry Mitchell (DNS), Aaron Bartas (DNS)
Mandy’s Young Guns:
Feature: Dylan Edminster, Josh Isaman, Josh Canfield Dusty Skinner Brooke McClain, Cameron Sherwood Pearce

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