Mini Stock Rules


**RACEceivers Mandatory**


Car must be full body, aluminum or steel.

Soft plastic nose and tail pieces permitted.

Interior steel of aluminum permitted; highly recommend 16

gauge steel on drivers side floor. Interior must be closed to form safe firewall, front and rear.



No Convertibles or 2 seated sports cars.

Must have a minimum of a 4 post cage securely welded to the unibody. .095” Tubing Recommended


Steering:  Quick release highly recommended.


Engine: Any 4 Cylinder Engine. NO TURBOCHARGED, SUPERCHARGED OR ROTARY Engines

6 cylinder motors allowed.


Fuel System:

Fuel Cell Highly Recommended!! Stock Tank must be securely mounted and have a solid skid plate.

Recommend fully encased in a steel container with a minimum thickness of 20 gauge.

All fuel lines and fittings must be leak proof.

Technical inspector can reject any fuel cell mounting he deems unsafe.



13″ – 16″ stock steel, aluminum and Aftermarket Racing Wheels Permitted. Maximum wheel width seven inches (Measured inside of bead to inside of bead). Rim diameter must match right to left.  Any D.O.T . Passenger car tire (all season radials) , no racing tires 8” maximum width . No LT, tractor, snow, mud , bias ply, DOT racing,or studded tires allowed.



All cars must be equipped with a safe racing seat, high back type recommended.

Seat must be securely fastened (bolted or welded) to the roll cage and/or frame in six spots, with a minimum of six 3/8 bolts.Four (4) on the bottom and two (2) on the seat back


Window Screen:

All cars must have a steel wind screen of substantial material with a maximum opening on individual holes at 1x 1 (minimum 16 gauge material) (no chicken wire or aluminum) and be reinforced by a minimum of three (3) steel bars connected to the roll cage on top and the dash support bar on the bottom (cold roll).Screen must cover 1/2 windshield area left to right across the cage and from top of cage down to hood or cowl.  Side window net is mandatory.

Weight:  2500#

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