Fuzzy Fields wins Lee Anderson Memorial! LaBarron scores first win, Vic Vena, Schweikart, Lowe Jr, Edminster also win!

East Smethport, PA (July 27, 2017):

McKean County Raceway remembers Lee Anderson every summer with a Street Stock Special. Anderson was a popular Street Stock driver who, unfortunately, suffered a fatal heart attack during an event in late 1986. The Lee Anderson Memorial for the Advocare by Advozuvy.com. Street Stocks started with Ted Mascho and Brad Curran on the front row. Mascho led the first of the twenty laps with Fuzzy Fields second. At turn two on lap two, Rich Wotjowicz , Tom McFall, and Vic Earle Jr spun slowing the field under caution. Fields had taken over at the front when yellow flew, so he brought the field back to green. Al Brewer quickly came to second with Kurt Stebbins third. Fields started lapping the back markers as lap eight completed, then continued to pace the field to the checkers. Glen Layfield slowed on the front straight with two laps left and exited the track in turn one but at this point caution was shown, bunching the competitors behind Fields, eradicating a big lead. On the final lap as the leaders went into turn three Kurt Stebbins and Vic Earle Jr, got together on the back straight with both sliding sideways and Stebbins rolling over. Stebbins was unhurt in the incident. Fields was declared the winner over Brewer, Curran, Stebbins, and Vic Earle. Stebbins was scored fourth as the first car one lap down.

The Close Racing Supply RUSH Pro Mods were next up with Vic Vena and Steve Dixon at the front. With only seven racers signed in the distance was reduced to 15 laps. Vena took off to the early lead but saw it disappear on lap two when Dana Stephens spun in turn two. At the green Chad Carlson assumed the runner-up spot. Vena opened his lead to half a straight by halfway with Dixon back up to second. Vena continued to lead through to the checkers with Dixon settling for second over Carlson, Nate Hartzell, and Critter Hemphill.

The Mandy’s Young Guns feature started with Josh Isaman and Dusty Skinner leading the way. Isaman was the early leader with Daymon Clark second. Five laps in saw Isaman and Gavin Pearce side by side for the lead but Isaman pulled out to a five length lead a lap later. Dylan Edminster was challenging for third as lap eight was complete, when Pearce lost power and slipped back. Jacob Tubbs, running third with ten laps in the book, had the right front tire go down but he managed to keep control and drove to a fifth place finish. On the final lap Isaman threw the right rear tire in turn three, allowing Edminster to charge ahead for the win. Isaman limped across the line second followed by Clark, Brooke McClain, and Tubbs.

Andy Michael and Steve LaBarron brought the Little Power Shop RUSH Crate Late Models to green with Michael gabbing the lead and Brad Mesler coming to second. At five laps completed Mesler and Michael were side by side but Michael was in sole control when D J Krug spun on the main straight with six laps completed, slowing the field for the first time. One more lap after green and Mesler wound up facing the wrong direction. For the green it was Michael, Waters, LaBarron, Kurt Stebbins, and Garrett Mott fourth. Waters challenged for the lead every lap until getting by at the halfway mark. Waters had a three length lead at lap twelve and opened to five lengths a lap later. LaBarron was alongside Michael on the back straight on lap fourteen then fell back at on lap fifteen. At lap sixteen DJ Krug and Randy Ralyea were fighting for position on the back straight when Waters tried going between them to put them a lap down. There wasn’t enough room and both lapped cars then spun with Waters suffering enough damage to cause him to retire from the event. Michael came to a halt so was also charged with a caution. The top five wound up being Steve LaBarron, Brad Mesler, Garrett Mott, Jason Tingue, and Andy Michael, after restarting from the rear only four laps from the end. It was a LaBarron’s first McKean County Raceway win.

Holden Heinemann led pole sitter Travis Babcock from the drop of the green flag until the end of lap one when Davey Lowe Jr came by for the top spot. Dave Lowe Sr came to a stop in turn two at two complete, bringing the first caution. Under the yellow period, points leader Kurt Babcock had the right front tire go flat. Babcock managed to get the tire changed and rejoined the field before green again fell. Lowe Jr again led with Heinemann second and pole sitter Travis Babcock third. Mitch Boylan was up to fourth at lap five. Heinemann closed the gap to the leader in lapped traffic at halfway but Lowe scooted away until ten complete when Heinemann was again right on his back bumper. Yellow flew at lap eleven when Richard Kline slowed on the back chute. Lowe again led after green with Boylan coming to second at thirteen complete, Canfield third (from 16th on the starting grid) at fourteen laps, and Kurt Babcock fourth at the checkers. Heinemann slowed to fifth at the finish.

Billy Deming and Jason Wile brought the final feature, the Raught’s Country Kitchen Pure Stocks, to green but Tom Boylan spun in turn three. Deming took the lead with Mark Schweikart coming to second over Wile. Wile was back to the spot as Schweikart had a right rear flat at four laps in, then spinning out, bringing caution over the event. Jake Mascho took over second from Wile at the next green with Zach Gustafson and Roger Schweikart filling out the top five. Deming led at halfway with the top five remaining the same. Wile spun in turn four at lap nine, again slowing the field. On the restart Mascho made contact with the leader in turn two, getting disqualified for unnecessary roughness. For the restart Roger Schweikart was the leader over Tom Boylan and Dennis Harrison. Third running Wile suffered a flat on lap eleven. Schweikart went on to the win over Harrison, Boylan, Deming, and Gustafson.
Little Power Shop RUSH Crate Late Models
Heat 1: John Waters, Brad Mesler, Jason Tingue, Kyle Murray, Randy Ralyea, Erin Peters
Heat 2: Kurt Stebbins, Steve LaBarron, Andy Michael, Garrett Mott, D J Krug, Paul Grigsby (DNS)
Feature: Steve LaBarron, Brad Mesler, Garrett Mott, Jason Tingue, Andy Michael, Kurt Stebbins, D J Krug, Randy Ralyea, John Waters, Erin Peters, Kyle Murray, Paul Grigsby

Close Racing Supply RUSH Pro-Mods:
Heat 1: Steve Dixon, Chad Carlson, Vic Vena, Critter Hemphill, Nate Hartzell, Dana Stevens, Mike Tarabori
Feature: Vic Vena, Steve Dixon, Chad Carlson, Nate Hartzell, Critter Hemphill, Mike Tarabori, Dan Stephens

Advocare by Advozuvy.com. Street Stocks
Heat 1: Brad Curran, Ted Mascho, Rich Wotjowicz, Glen Layfield, Mark Carlson, Victor Earle Jr
Heat 2: Fuzzy Fields, Jeremy Wonderling, Al Brewer, Kurt Stebbins, Scott Freer
Feature: Fuzzy Fields, Al Brewer, Jason Wile, Kurt Stebbins, Vic Earle, Scott Freer, Glen Layfield, Jeremy Wonderling, Ted Mascho, Rich Wotjowicz, Mark Carlson (DNS)

Raught’s Country Kitchen Pure Stocks:
Heat 1: Mark Schweikart, Jason Wile, Jake Mascho, Roger Schweikart, Dennis Harrison, Tom Boylan
Heat 2: Zach Gustafson, Billy Deming, Tyron Hendley, Dennis Hathaway, Dalton Gustafson, William Bigley
Feature: Roger Schweikart, Dennis Harrison, Tom Boylan, Billy Deming, Zach Gustafson, Tyrone Hendley, Jason Wile, Mark Schweikart , Jake Mascho, Dennis Hathaway (DNS), Dalton Gustafson (DNS), William Bigley (DNS)

Mary Norgrove Notary Public Mini Stocks:
Heat 1: Travis Babcock, Dave Lowe Sr, Tom Childs, Jason Fries, Jamie McMillen, Eric Canfield, Tyler Torpey
Heat 2: Holden Heinemann, Dave Lowe Jr, Aaron Bartas, Anthony Schoonover, Richard, Josh Torrence (DNS)
Heat 3: Kurt Babcock, Mitch Boylan, Dana Haner, Charlie Morris, Michael Furman, Matt Burcell
Feature: Dave Lowe Jr, Mitch Boylan, Eric Canfield, Kurt Babcock, Holden Heinemann, Aaron Bartas, Tom Childs, Charlie Morris, Michael Furman, Jason Fries, Jamie McMillan, Tyler Torpey, Richard Kline, Travis Babcock, Josh Torrence, Dana Haner, Dave Lowe Sr, Matt Burrell (DNS)

Mandy’s Young Guns:
Heat 1: Josh Isaman, Dusty Skinner, Jacob Tubbs, Gavin Pearce, David Furman
Heat 2: Dylan Edminster, Brooke McClain, Cameron Sherwood, Daymon Clark
Feature: Dylan Edminster, Josh Isaman, Daymon Clark, Brooke McClain, Jacob Tubbs, Gavin Pearce, David Furman, Dusty Skinner, Cameron Sherwood

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